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The JavaPOS v1.10 Guide for Application and Device Programmers is now available from the Arts Website, located within the UnifiedPOS v1.10 specification.

The UnifiedPOS specification defines the UML models for a wide variety of retail POS peripherals. The V1.10 release includes support for the following capabilities (the API changes for which will be reflected in the JavaPOS V1.10 Device Controls):
  1. Added a new chapter describing the Biometrics device category
  2. Added a new chapter describing the ElectronicJournal device category
  3. Added the clearInputProperties common method for all devices
  4. Added new properties and methods to the MSR device category to support the writing of MSR track data
  5. Enhancements made to the POSPrinter device category
  6. Added new ESC sequences to support printing barcodes
  7. Extended ESC sequences to allow individual unsetting of a previous sequence
  8. Added printMemoryBitmap method to support printing bitmaps from a memory buffer
  9. Added clarifications to the "Mapping of CharacterSet" sections of the LineDisplay, POSPrinter, and RemoteOrderDisthe "Mapping of CharacterSet" sections of the LineDisplay, POSPrinter, and RemoteOrderDisplay device categories, and to the JavaPOS Appendix.


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