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The JavaPOS v1.9 Guide for Application and Device Programmers is now available from the Arts Website, located within the UnifiedPOS v1.9 specification.

The UnifiedPOS specification defines the UML models for a wide variety of retail POS peripherals. The V1.9 release includes support for the following capabilities (the API changes for which will be reflected in the JavaPOS V1.9 Device Controls):
  1. Added support for a new feature to allow for a standardized POS Peripheral Firmware updating process for all device categories, where applicable.
  2. Added support for Electronic Money capabilities to the CAT device category.
  3. Added support for Contrast control for CheckScanner device category.
  4. Enhancements to the PINPad device category for clarifications on operational characteristics.
  5. Added support for Battery Powered POS devices providing more battery state information and control to an interested application.
  6. Added support for Page Mode Printing to the POSPrinter device category, helpful for forms based POS applications.
  7. Added support for a "Live Weight" reporting feature to the Scale device category.
  8. Added numerous enhancements to the documentation to further clarify the meaning of the standard.
  9. Clarified the Device Statistics monitoring (added in version 1.8 to allow interested applications to monitor the status of peripherals) for the Keylock device class.

Continuing in the tradition of UnifiedPOS v1.7 and V1.8, Appendix B contains the 98 page mapping to the Java platform (JavaPOS), including sections specifically covering:
  • Architectural Overview
  • Device Behavior Models
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Device Controls
  • Device Services


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